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A third-generation homebuilder and entrepreneur, PunchListIt founder David Shafer wanted to bring homeowners and contractors together under one roof…but in a whole new way. He knew not all customers felt comfortable giving up their personal information for the sake of a last-minute service need, and that remodeling their kitchens would be a whole lot easier if they had a place to gather and share their ideas. Likewise, he knew contractors would appreciate knowing the scope of a project before showing up at someone’s doorstep, and that giving them a place to network and market their business would fill a current gap in the home improvement industry.

Enter his idea for PunchListIt – a collaborative platform for homeowners to connect with professionals and manage home projects, both big and small, in one easy place with no hidden fees. By bringing these two groups of people together, the PunchListIt team has created a unique and caring community that’s ready to get any job done fast…and done right. But it’s more than efficiency and quality of work that make us different – it’s the fact that we’re one big family. Whether you’re a Customer or a PunchListIt Pro, we’ll treat you with the respect you deserve and always strive to give you a better place to do business.

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