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Punchlistit is a socially interactive - yet private - resource network that connects consumers with Service Pros that GET THINGS DONE!

These days, everybody’s got a project going, right? All too often projects fail to launch because they require one or more critical services such as construction, painting or landscaping . . . and finding qualified professional resources can be frustrating and exhausting.

Punchlistit gives you direct access to our rapidly growing network of dependable contractors, merchants and tradespeople that can help you get your job done. Punchlistit is EASY, FAST and FREE, and you can quickly plan your projects and find the right kind of professional help to get them done.

STEP 1 - Get Inspired

Create a personal profile and build scrapboards to outline and plan your projects and explore the possibilities.

Whether you need help with a single project or service, or are undertaking a major home improvement or renovation, you can start a punchlistit Project Page for each project want to do. As you specify the details you would like to include in your project, you can list preferred materials, favorite brands and products, color and finishing ideas, and project timetable.

The scrapboards are photo-friendly, so you can easily collect and upload idea images you’ve snagged from online photo grabs, camera and phone pics and Pinterest saves. Handy dropdowns let you quickly focus your project within our wide range of available products, services and member resources.

Your Project Page will provide a scrapboard of details to give the punchlistit professionals a good idea of what you want to accomplish.

STEP 2 - Post Your Project On The PunchListIt Network

Once you’ve created your Project Page, you can then post it into the punchlistit network, where it is routed to appropriate punchlistit business and service professionals for their consideration. They can respond to you by sharing their individual profile page showcasing their bios, project photos, reviews and more, and providing proposals and estimates for your project.

By creating your punchlistitPRO Profile Page, you can provide complete background information on your company that can give consumers confidence in your qualifications to do their work. Photos of your projects, along with videos and your business credentials, document your quality, performance and reputation. This is where you can put your best foot forward to make a great impression with homeowners who are shopping for qualified resources to complete their projects.

STEP 3 - Choose A PunchListItPRO and Get Your Project Started

From the responses to your scrapboard, select a punchlistitPRO to get the job done

From the project responses submitted to you by by our punchlistitPRO, you can then choose the one that’s right for you and get things started! It’s that simple.

STEP 4 - Share Your Project

If you choose, you can show off your scrapboards to inspire and motivate others.

One of the great things about punchlistit is being able to see a variety of scrapboards from users who have chosen to share their ideas and experiences. Questions and comments are always part of the discussion, and members are encouraged to showcase their scrapboards as inspiration and reference for others.

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